About Us

Craft World School is a purely inclusive vibrant school located in the heart of the bustling town of Cochin in Kerala, India. We work with children to inspire them to become self-reliant learners, nurture their talents and equip them with the skills and values that will empower them to become self-confident and well-rounded individuals. With exposure to state-of the art learning technologies and  under the able guidance of experienced educators, our young learners are empowered to make responsible decisions when they break out of their cocoon and walk into the real world.

Mr. Sabri Harid

A leading NRI business owner based in the Sultanate of Oman, is a philanthropist and a visionary with a strong sense of commitment to the society. He is a master of delegation and advocates the practice in every organisation that he is a part of. He is one of the pillars who supports the vision that is put forth by Craft World School. It was his ardent dream to create and work towards materialising a school where students are given happy, safe and secure school days thereby creating for them precious memories that last a lifetime.

Mrs. Shaly Sabri

A leading NRI woman entrepreneur based in the Sultanate of Oman, cares deeply about the mission and vision of the school. Whilst being a wife and a mother to her three children, she is also a business partner to her husband working towards their common vision. She is an embodiment of woman empowerment. Her keen interest and passion for creating an environment of positive experiences for children makes her an integral part of the school.

Ms. Rishma Ali
Representative of Board of Directors

I began my educational career in 2009 in the Middle East. To be a part of Craft World School has been one of the milestones in my career. My role here is to take care of everyone who is a part of Craft World School whilst creating measurable outcomes that demonstrate improvements. I believe a great school is a result of great teachers, staff and parents. I also believe that strong leaders create a better environment for students and faculty.

Ms. Jasmine James

It is been a unique and excellent opportunity to be a part of Craft World School that provides rich openings for the holistic development of children through exclusive learning experiences.

At Craft World School, we prioritize student- centered activity-based teaching methods, aligned with internationally accredited Cambridge Education programs. We believe that education goes beyond imparting

Mission Statement

Our mission at Craft World School is to develop the unique abilities and potential of each child by offering an enriched educational program. We strive for excellence through a hands-on approach. Rich traditions rooted in our innovative curriculum grow productive, caring, and intellectually curious citizens.

Our Core Values
We have a culture that is modern, relevant, and inspires students to have a brighter future. We are determined in our approach to learning, are creative in our thinking, and bold in our ambitions.
Our Philosophy

At CWS, we aim to ensure that children reach their full potential both
academically and socially, while not compromising or robbing them of an enjoyable and happy childhood.