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Inquiry-based learning methods

At CWS, we believe that rote learning does not set the right foundation for children to build upon later in life. We emphasise on comprehension and inquiry-based learning to make sure that children understand what they are learning and are able to apply it in practical life situations with ease. 

Cultivating emotional intelligence

The biggest and most effective skill that a person picks up in his/her childhood is to be empathetic. To be able to understand, listen and reach out to their fellow beings. To be kind to each other and to treat them with respect. At CWS, children learn to work individually and also to co-operate and collaborate with others, thus making them empathetic and emotionally sensitive beings. 

Holistic, student-centered learning experience

We believe that academics is only one part of the learning process. At CWS, therefore, learning does not happen just within the four walls of the school. Children are inspired to explore and learn from everything around them. They are also encouraged to take part in cultural activities, value education and sports for a holistic learning experience that nurtures every child’s inborn talents.

Welcoming and supportive community

Every child and his/her family is welcomed with open arms at CWS. We aim to provide a safe, healthy and happy environment for children and make sure that they learn and grow in an inclusive atmosphere. Parents, too, are an important part of our community and we encourage them to be actively involved in their child’s learning.

Safe and healthy development

We believe that we should be responsible for all the needs of your child when they are in our care. So, at CWS, your child will be given a healthy, balanced meal and will be safely transported to and from your door to the school. We also offer monthly check-ups for all students and update parents on their child’s well-being.

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