Our curriculum is internationally focused and is designed based on Cambridge International Examinations’ education programmes. Developed to match the culture and ethos of the Craft community, our learning programmes are tailored to meet the students’ needs. 

At Craft World School, learning goes beyond just academics. We do not train children to secure high marks in exams, but we inspire them to explore the world around them and push them to reach their full potential. We promise that every child who becomes a part of the Craft community will walk out as a lifelong learner having enjoyed an enriching and happy childhood. 

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Our Values

Learning is not about scoring high marks in exams here. Our curriculum is designed based on strong cultural and moral values.

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Why Families Choose Us

Take a look at why parents like you, who want to gift their children the best learning experience, choose us.

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Principal's Message

Our Principal welcomes the Craft community and explains the ideals and values that CWS believes in and stands for.

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